Agonia Chapel or Horto Chapel

Agonia Chapel

or Horto Chapel

The sacond chapel, in the north side, represents the Getsémani garden. With an square plant, emblazoned, was built, also, in the time of D. Rodrigo de Moura Teles. Inside chapel was rebuilt in 1788 and contains 5 images: an angel; Christ and 3 apostles Pedro, Tiago and João.

After The last supper, Jesus withdrew, already at night with the apostles, to the Oliveiras garden.

Here we see him praying with his arms open, with distressed face and blood flowing through his face. The 3 apostles, Pedro, Tiago e João, instead of accompanying him in prayer, fell asleep, despite of Bom Jesus, for 3 times, warn them with this serious words: «Watch and pray, because the spirit is ready but the meet is weak». At the top, close to the wall, an angel have in is hand the cross and the cup of bitterness that the divine redentor accepted to suffer for the sins of others.

The presence of the angel, the messenger, communication link with the heavenly, is the symbol of purification and defense against the demon.

In this trip for Jerusalém, our thought feels the events and the agony of «Getsémani».

In the top of the fronteir we read the inscription engraved on granite: «FACTUS IN AGONIA PROLIXIUS ORABAT», whose version is «Fill with bitterness, Jesus prayed with more insistence still».


The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.