Apparition of Christ Chapel to Maria Madalena Holy

Apparition of Christ Chapel

to Maria Madalena Holy

Let’s continue our walk to the left side. We will find the first chapel of this ground, the apparition of Christ chapel to Santa Maria Magdalena, with a distinct Rococo style attending to the upper part of the chapel with the presence of the shell.

On the right side, one can admire the image of the resurrected Bom Jesus, in the figure of a spearmint, with a gardener’s shovel in his hand, speaking to Maria Madalena who sees himself, revealing confusion and astonishment. On the left side, three pious women, with vessels of aromas and balm urns in their hands, approach the open tomb, facing two angels who show the tomb open and give them the news of the Lord Resurrection.

The chapels on this square stand on large skates, 5 steps above the ground. Outside of this chapel, at the level of the cornice, the engraving in low relief: «APPARUIT PRIMO MARIAE MAGDALENAE», translated: «appeared first to Maria Madalena ».


The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.