Caifás Statue

Caifás Statue

The last statue of this right wing, according to the order we are following is of Caifás, in the act of tearing the garments, as the Jews proceeded in times of mourning and horror.

Anás then sent Jesus to Caifás, where the scribes and elders were assembled. Peter followed him from afar to the High Priest’s courtyard and, penetrating the interior, sat down with the servants to see the end. Now the chief priests and all the Sanhedrin sought a false testimony against Jesus to kill him, but found nothing, though many false witnesses were present.

Finally, two were presented. Jesus was confronted with the accusations, but nothing answered. Caifás insisted, and Jesus answered him, so that Caifás renting his own garments shouts: «Blasphemed! ». But he conferred with the scribes and elders after those statements and decided that Jesus was the one to die. Then they sent Jesus to Pilatos.

On the statue plinth stands the Latin text: «SCIDIT DRESSES YOURS, DICENS: BLASPHEMAVIT », translated: «tore his clothes, saying: He blasphemed! ».


The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.