In Bom Jesus we find several caves for our admiration and enjoyment: the cave that finishes the
great work of the lake, constituted in vault of coarse stones; and the artificial cave, in stonework, on a plan superior to the house of prints, built in the early years of the 20th century, under the project of Ernest Korrodi, who designed this and other motifs that are found throughout the park.

This cave started in 1902 and was executed by José Martins Branco, from Oporto. It is a vaulted cave, a true melancholy and fresh retreat that completes the grandiose work of a small lagoon, lined with aquatic plants, where you can hear the murmur of the waters.

The inauguration of the cave took place on August 9, 1903. It is located on a platform above the church, with ample garden space, forming several grassy beds, where small shrubs appear, surmounted by an octagonal viewpoint, with cork structure, accessed by stairs sinuous, with guards of the same material.

This cave is very similar to those found in the Castle of Bom Jesus and the Castle of D. Chica, in Palmeira. The beauty of the cave seems endless, since the water that gushes, subjected to the effects of the sun, ends up giving a magnificent effect, to the point that its construction resembles a volcanic eruption that spread lava there.


The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.