Chapel of Darkness and Mars Fountain

Chapel of Darkness

and Mars Fountain

Follows the darkness chapela, eighth, with an archepiscopais weapons on the cornice, containing the image of Christ with is tied hands and blindfolde, surgindo, on the right, the Marte fountain, with contracurated scatdar, surmounted by spires, were the respective warway attributes appear.

In 1789, according to the sanctuary map made by Carlos Amarante, this chapel appear in the place where are found, but in that time use to house other scene, the heart scene that currently are represented in the chapel number 6.

Inside the darkness chapel we can found an image of Bom Jesus sitting on a stone, authorship of Vieira envagelist, with is wrists fastened and is eyes covered.

Taken from the house of Anás to Caifás, him made a lot of pointless questions which Bom Jesus didn’t answer. But when him asks if he is son of god, so he answer with firmness: «If you say it, I’m ». Caifás rips the dresses in sinal of protest and adds: «is accused of death». Then, they cover is eyes and start to slapping, sputum, kicks and all sorts of mistreatment.

In the outside and over the door lintel can read: «TUNC EXPUERUNT IN FACIEM EJUS… ALII AUTEM PALMAS IN FACIEM EJUS DEDERUNT», translated by: «Then some spit on his face…and others gave him a slap.».


On the right of the chapel we found the Mars fountain whose warrior symbols are a pistol, an alfange (Kind of sword that only cuts on one side, sabre, wide-leaf, short and recurve( and one throws.

Mars is the the roman God of war, symbolize the brutality, with their physical strenght and their agressiveness usually piped to evil. If on one hand is the killer,the punisher and the avenger, in the other he is the protecting of crops, the defender of households and young people.

Was habit, at least among the sabines, sacrificing a lot of young people in honor of them. The christ of this chapel, well could be seen as a young man offered in holocaust.


The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.