Chapel os Flagellation or Scouring and Mercury Fountain

Chapel of Flagellation

or Scouring and Mercury Fountain

This rise by the sacred mountain guide us to another emblazoned chapel the eighth, with an unique image, Christ trapped in a column, of the authorship of Fonseca Lapa, Gaia sculptor.

In this scene, the non-verbal communication is transmitted by the expression of piety on Christ’s face.

Another legend, in latin, are found in the front top of the chapel: «APPREHENDIT PILATUS IESUM, ET FLAGELLAVIT», translated literally by: «Pilatos arrested Jesus and commanded someono to lash him». Evidently that was not Pilatos who plagued Jesus, but it was he who, using is authority, had him murdered without any reason.

Inside the chapel, another mensage stands out to our eyes: «On the ground floor of the governor pôncio pilatos palace, there was a colonnade and it was one of that colonnade that who arrested the Bom Jesus to unload on is divine body the whipping of the flagellation!… a horrible torment that even on animals couldn’t be given.»


On the left of the chapel excels the Mars fountain, roman divinity, son of Jupiter, identified in the classic era as Greek hermes. This one symbolizied by one hand that sustaining the winged stick in which two snakes tangled, surmounted by two wings. (The ornamental baroque fountain, beyond these symbols, also with a magnificient game of volutes (embellished in spiral( and shells, characteristic of rococo.

Mercury appears here as father’s messenger and, simultaneously, like a pastor, that one that guides the souls to the kingdom of the dead.

Placed next to the chapel that houses the scene of the Christ’s trapped in the column, the fountain and the patio conjugate to make the pilgrim see that the kingdom of God can only be reached at the expense of the sacrifice.


The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.