Charity Fountain

Charity Fountain

At the central level we have the main motive, the source of Charity. Superiorly the statue corresponding to this virtue, symbolically portrayed by a woman with her head covered by a hood, holding two boys in her arms.

The legend, under the figure of Charity, reads as follows: «TRIA HAEC: MAJOR AUTEM HORUM EST CHARITAS», translated: «of these three, the greatest of them, however, is charity». The inscription refers to the three theological virtues, faith, hope and charity, the central reason for this staircase, with love being the corollary of the Christian message.

Inside the niche are two children standing to the side of the spout, each pointing to the left side of the chest, supporting a heart that joins them and from which spouts a spout of water.

As pilgrims of this world, charity manifests itself through the heart of flesh and not of stone and the simplicity of children. In this catechetical route, to the rhythm of the Bible mysteries, charity appears to us as the greatest virtue, because without it we are nothing. Charity is the center, norm and end of life.

In Bom Jesus we find the synthesis of the History of Salvation through the mediation of the artistic language to a moment of suffering, in the end, the Glory.


The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.