Coronation Chapel of Thorns and Saturn Fountain

Coronation Chapel

of Thorns and Saturn Fountain

On December 29 of 1735, the confraria table, dicided to reform the 3 figures, work of the bracarense sculptor Evangelista Vieira, from the eighth chapel and brazoned coronation, whose inside was described by Carlos Amarante, in 1789,in this way: «Jesus to be crowned with thorns by the soldiers and jews, on spitting him and offering a cane to enjoy».

The symbolism of the crown, the punishmente, the torture and the humiliation, leads us to the expression of Jesus suffering marked by black and deep eyes.

On the top in the inner part of the chapel visualizes the inscription: «EXIVIT IESUS PORTANS CORONAM SPINEAM», translated for: «Jesus left bringing the thron crown».

Watching the inside, in addition to visualizing 3 images, Christ naked and maned and two Hebrew rebels, we read: «The executioners continue to treat the Bom Jesus with scorn and cruelty. Now, in the Praetorium of Pilate, after covering him with an old purple cloak and putting a scepter in his hand, they weave a crown of thorns and hurry to pierce it in His Most Holy Head. With this torment, new streams of blood flow down the face of the Lord. The Good Jesus had already been martyred in all parts of His divine body; only the Head was missing, which, as this chapel represents, was painful! ».


Placed strategically along the ascension path, the Saturn fountain, or Cronos in Greek mythology, have by allegory an arm supporting a scythe, symbol of time.

In the ancient Rome saturnal parties, the chiefs were represented serving their slaves. So, in the coronation scene, the same thing happens. That is, it is the Christ, the King, who humbles himself before his servants.

This fountain is therefore in close harmony with the scene whitch represents the neighboring chapel, for there Christ is in an impotent attitude in the face of the derision that is directed to him.


The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.