Date Chapel of Emaús

Date Chapel of Emaús

Following our walk, we will find the Encounter of Emmaus chapel, which shows the interior of
an 18th-century bourgeois and sunny house, with Christ seated at the table, a graceful rocaille style cred and 7 more images (2 disciples and relatives).

On Easter Sunday 2 of the Lord’s disciples, one of them Cléofas, were walking from Jerusalem to his house in the village of Emaús. Suddenly, an unknown pilgrim enters the dialogue and accompanies them.

Upon arriving at Emáus, as the day was drawing to a close, the two disciples invited the kind companion to spend the night with them, an invitation that was accepted. They went to the table and, at one point of the meal, the strange guest takes bread that blesses and consecrates. It was at this moment that the secret was unveiled. That pilgrim was the resurrected Bom Jesus, but he mysteriously disappeared.

Outside the chapel at the top of the entrance, an excerpt from the bible: «COGNOVERUNT EUM IN FRACTIONE PANIS», translated: «they recognized Him in the breaking of bread», which represents the sharing of bread with his disciples.


The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.