Docility Figuration

Docility Figuration

On the left, the figure of Docility is represented by a woman with her left arm raised, pressing in her hand a (missing) snake. On his right arm he bears a shield with an elephant’s head, topped by an hourglass crowned with a serpent between two mirrors. In the card is written: «CORDE ENIM CREDITUR AD JUSTITIAM» which is translated: «with the heart is believed to achieve justice», rather, the heart sees beyond appearances.

In the sanctuary of the Bom Jesus, composing the figure of docility, the elephant is represented by supporting the hourglass, symbol of time that passes, on which is a serpent, symbol of Christ crucified, between two mirrors, instruments that in the mystical universe have the function to grasp the Divine Word, which makes them the excellence symbols of the reflected manifestation of higher intelligence.

In the study of docility, the use of these symbols composes a single message: «Christ, the support of the world (elephant), man nailed to the cross (snake), annuls the fleetingness of earthly time (hourglass) by looking in the mirror (word of God) the only possible way to reach the higher stage, that is, the divine kingdom where justice rules ».


The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.