Fountain of Faith

Fountain of Faith

On the first level, the fountain of the Faith contains on the inside a simple Cross in the niche, a symbol of the Christian faith, raised in Calvary, throwing three drops of water through the openings of the nails on the arms and on the stem, with the following sign: «EJUS FLUENT AQUAE VIVAE», which translated means: «live water will flow», the «living waters» represent the origin of the Faith.

The Cross, symbol of faith as a gift and grace, was always been the icon of Bom Jesus mountain hill, since it appeared under the sky of the sacred hill after the Battle of Salado. The bracarense prelate, from then, D. Gonçalo Pereira attributes the victory in this fight to the Holy Cross, of which he was a devotee, as well as his son, where in his banner was the respective symbol of the Cross.

At the top is a statue of the Faith, a woman with her eyes covered by a lace veil draped over her shoulders, holding a cup with a wafer in her left hand and her right pointing to her ear. At your feet stands a biblical fragment: «FIDES … ARGUMENTUM NON APPARENTIUM … EX AUDITU: AUDITUS AUTEM PER VERBUM CHRISTI», translated by: «Faith … Argument of things that are not seen … faith is by heard: and the ear by the word of Christ. ».


The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.