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Bom Jesus do Monte

It is usually associated with the artistic, natural, environmental, religious heritage of Bom Jesus, but we can not fail to admire its hotel heritage, in response to the intense demand of thousands of tourists who visit the resort annually.

Inserted in a veritable oasis of greenery, a resort dedicated to the appeal of the senses, from the green and luxuriant mantle that gracesfully pictures the hillside and access, either by the winding road, the funicular or by the painful path of passion, wonderfully rewarded, with superb views over the city and the skyline.

From time immemorial, hospitality in Bom Jesus, or the art of welcome, has always been present in its history, being called in different ways: barracks, houses of the confraternity, hostels, porches, inns, inns and finally the hotels.

The tourist potential of the resort has led to the existence of several hotel units: Hotel do Elevador, Hotel do Parque, Hotel do Templo and Hotel do Lago.

The Hotel do Elevador located in the hostal ground, to the left of the Descida da Cruz chapel, met other nomenclatures: Hotel da Boavista and Grande Hotel.

In a border position and on a superior level to the Elevator Hotel, surrounded by corpulentas trees, is the Hotel of the Park, once also known by the Hotel of the Arches.

The Hotel do Templo, on the right of the Basilica, also went through other designations: Hotel do Sul and Hotel Sul-Americano.

The creation of the large lake made it possible to move the attention of the pilgrim to the central part of the Bom Jesus forest, giving rise to the creation of the Hotel do Lago, which has known other denominations over time: also Hotel da Boa Vista and Hotel Higiénico.

At the confraternity of May 24th, 1945, another structure, popularized in thermal zones, bathing and summer resorts, disappeared, designed to welcome Confrades and Benefactors, the Chalet of Benefactors.


Hotel do Parque ****

Bom Jesus do Monte
4715-056 Braga – Portugal
T: +351 253 603 470
F: +351 253 603 479
E: parque@hoteisbomjesus.pt

GPS: 41º33’21.16″N | 8º22’39.06″W
WEB: www.hoteisbomjesus.pt


Hotel do Elevador ****

Bom Jesus do Monte
4715-056 Braga – Portugal
T: +351 253 603 400
F: +351 253 603 409
E: elevador@hoteisbomjesus.pt

GPS: 41º33’20.16″N | 8º22’39.06″W
WEB: www.hoteisbomjesus.pt


Hotel do Templo ****

Bom Jesus do Monte
4715-056 Braga – Portugal
T: +351 253 603 610
F: +351 253 603 619
E: templo@hoteisbomjesus.pt

GPS: 41º33’14.94″N | 8º22’38.06″W
WEB: www.hoteisbomjesus.pt


Hotel do Lago ***

Bom Jesus do Monte
4715-056 Braga – Portugal
T: +351 253 603 020
F: +351 253 603 029
E: lago@hoteisbomjesus.pt

GPS: 41º33’16.27″N | 8º22’27.79″W
WEB: www.hoteisbomjesus.pt

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The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.