Júpiter Fountain

Júpiter Fountain

According to Alberto Feio and Monica Massara, there existed, next to the Pilate’s Praetorium chapels, the Ascent to Calvary and the Miradouro, the Jupiter Fountain, attributed to André Soares, later transferred to the Hotel do Templo and in 2012 to the this place entrance, kind of host to the millions of visitors who, annually, demand these stops.

Jupiter’s maximum deity of the Romans, god of Olympus, symbolizes the authoritarian order imposed from the outside.

Like the other fountains it is denominated by the names of the pagan deities and the Greco-Roman mythology.

This fountain is characterized by the baroque shells, the exuberance of the forms, the star, the mottos of Jupiter containing in a hand a ray.

Beautiful example of the baroque 18th century.


The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.