Lifting Chapel

Lifting Chapel

The lifting chapel, Cross Elevation (of the Arvoration or Exaltation of the Cross) is an 18th century building and is situated to the right of who climbs, after climbing an elegant spiral staircase. Built in the 19th century, it has an octagonal shape, like the chapel on the opposite side. Both were built after the temple, according to the risk left by Carlos Amarante. The interior figuration is by the sculptor João Afonseca Lapa.

At the top of the chapel, a biblical excerpt engraved on the granite, cries out for our attention: «ET EGO SI EXALTATUS WAS THE EARTH OMNIA TRAHAM AD IPSUM», translated: «and, when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all to me. ». The figurehead of the chapel marks thetriumph of the secular authorities over the Prince of Light.

Inside, a sign introduces the context: «At noon on Good Friday, Jesus was nailed to the cross and then lifted, first by wrist, then by ropes until the cross stood as vertical as this chapel represents.

Suspended between heaven and earth, the Bom Jesus entered into agony and uttered the seven words of love and mercy which the Gospel mentions. To the left, we see: Our Lady thrashed in tears and supported by Maria Salomé; the Apostle São João with his arms raised around his head; Maria Cléofas; Maria Madalena with one knee on the ground and another pious woman with her son in her lap. Several soldiers scattered across the mount. One, who arrives on horseback, is Longuinhos. Others try to bind the two thieves, Gestas, (the bad thief) is already stretched out on the cross. Dimas, (the good thief) walks to her, dragged by her hair. ».


The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.