Pilatos Statue

Pilatos Statue

This statue corresponds to the Pilatos, Judea governor. In the narrative of the passion is a duplicate character, because it participates twice in the moment of the Christ Passion.

After being sent to Caifás, he was taken to the praetorium. There Pilatos appeared to them and told them to judge him according to their law, but they did not accept it, for they could not condemn him to death.

Pilate then said to the priests and the crowd, «I find in this man no motive for condemnation, » but the crowd still shouted louder «be crucified. ». They told Pilatos that Jesus had begun his teachings in Galilee. After confirming this information, he sent it to Herodes because Jesus did not belong to the jurisdiction. After going to Herodes, he sent him back to Pilatos, who eventually gave him up to be crucified.

In this statue are two inscriptions, at the top, hanging from the hand is engraved the inscription: «JESUS NAZARENUS REX JUDAEORUM», translated by: «Jesus Nazarene King of the Jews»; and below: «TRADIT EIS ILLUM UT CRUCIFIGERETUR SCRIPSIT AUTEM ET TITULUM HEBRRAICE GRAECE ET LATINE», translated as: «handed it to be crucified, wrote a sign in Hebrew, Greek and Latin. ».


The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.