Rise Chapel

Rise Chapel

In the center of the evangelist’s yard, to the right of the statue of St. João, stands the rise chapel, of Christ’s Glorification, taller and more spacious than the others, revealing a superb, colorful and diversified landscape on the horizon.

Sixteen images reproduce the last episode of the life of Bom Jesus in this world, his glorious Ascension. This was on the Olives Mount, in the same place where he had suffered the torment of agony until he had sweated blood. Before rising to heaven, the Bom Jesus took leave of his Blessed Mother, blessed the apostles, disciples and others persons present. Then, in the face of the astonishment of all, he climbed slowly, surrounded by clouds and angels, until he hid in space.

In the Ascension, Jesus ascended to heaven, as it appears from the Latin inscription that is located in the upper part of the chapel: «ASSUMPTUS EST IN CAELUM», translated: «was taken up into heaven (rose to heaven) », among white clouds, cherubim and wrapped in a cloak of purple.


The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.