Smell Fountain

Smell Fountain

and Vir Sapiens

On this pilgrim journey through the Bom Jesus, after divergent and convergent flights, we return to the center and to the figuration of the sense of smell.

Smell is personified by a young man who streams a stream of water through his nose, holding an open box in his hand, flanked by two dogs, surmounted by the armillary sphere. The sense of smell is symbolized in the fountain through, of course, a faithful friend. There is no canine that ignores the silent language of the ruthless lighthouse.

A statue crowns the fountain, depicting a man with a cloak in his right hand and a flower on his left. The figure Vir Sapiens, Wise Man, bears the biblical message: «FLOWER FLORES QUASI LILLIUM ET DATE ODOREM», translated: «give flowers like the lily and I reaped a sweet smell», a message of sublimation of the aroma of the divine presence.

An armillary sphere was placed between this cartouche and the frame, composed of stylized acanthus leaves and two dogs (sharp sense of smell, symbol of Christ, faithful friend, present guide in life and death).


The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.