of the Portico

The long stairway of Bom Jesus, since the Pórtico up to Pelicano wide (34 stairs below the churchyard), gains a dislevel of 116 meters, with more than 5 hundreds of granite stairs that is divided in 3 parts: The portico stairway, The 5 ways stairway and the 3 virtues stairway.

From the portico, born a majestic stairway, a long stairway in broken line, shared for various levels. the paviment is made of stone, crashed between some tip of frames, with levels in front the chapels. The parapets headed in nuts stone are ornate, on angles, of armillar pheres or pyramides.

From the portico to the wide precending the 5 ways stairwells go 376 steps, from this stairway up to the wide precedes the virtues stairway go 104 steps and from the virtues stairway to the churchyard go 93 steps, make a total of 573 steps to the portico to the churchyard.

In this first part of a long stairway, are found chapels in the begging of Via-Sacra and various fountains. Of the 8 primitive chapels, traced in the time of 20 of 700, left the first two.


The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.