Statue and Fountain of S. Marcos

S. Marcos

Statue and Fountain

A little further to our right, we find the statue of St. Marcos, the second evangelist in the traditional order. Also displays in your left hand a book.

At his side and at the source we found a lion, symbol of this evangelist, of power, wisdom and justice. Under the statue of St. Marcos, there is the Latin inscription: «SICUT SCRIPTUM EST IN ISAIA PROPHETA … VOX CLAMANTIS IN DESERT», translated: «as it is written in the prophet Isaiah. Voice that cries out in the Desert. ».

Notice the inscription on the back of the pedestal of this sculpture of St. Marcos, which recalls the meritorious work of one of the greatest benefactors of the shrine: «YEAR OF 1767 BEING A CHARITY AND BENEFITOR MANUEL REBELO DA COSTA». The construction of this ground was possible thanks to the merit of this confrere.


The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.