Statue of Anás

Statue of Anás

The four characters we have on our right side they all went into action in moments of the passion of Jesus Christ. The first is by the high-ranking Jewish priest Anás, who was so highly esteemed that his five sons, his son-in-law Caifás, and his grandson Matias also became high priests.

After the betrayal of Judas, Jesus was taken to be questioned. First, they took him to Anás, who was Caifás father-in-law. He was then interrogated by Anás, but he was not satisfied with the answers he obtained sent him to his son-in-law, Caifás.

On the pedestal the inscription: «ET MISIT EUM ANNAS LIGATUM AD CAIPHAM PONTIFY», translated: «Anás, then sent him bound to Caifás the High Priest. ».

To keep the order historically correct, the next statue should be that of Caifás, because it is for him that Anás sends Jesus, only after going to Caifás is that Jesus is sent to Pilatos, and then to Herodes, returning later to Pilatos.


The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.