Statue of Isac «the blind»

Statue of Isac «the blind»

In this zigzag down the staircase, on the south side, the statue of Isac appears before us. A blind old man, his face bent and serene, with his head uncovered and hands outstretched in the act of groping, of those who seek his son to bless him. On the lower level, the caption reads: «ACCEDE HUC, UT TAMGAM TE, FILII MI», translated: «come, then, to my son, touch tou. ».

Isaac called his eldest son Esaú for him to catch some game, and to prepare a good dish for him to receive his blessing.

While Esaú was hunting, Jacob, his younger brother, after hearing the advice of his mother Rebeca, fooled the blind father purposely by posing as Esaú. Isaac asked him to approach and let him touch, since Esaú was hairy and Jacob was not.
This, however, wore lambskin over his arms and neck deceiving his father, thus obtaining the birthright blessing. Then Jacob became the chief heir of Isac, and Esaú passed into an inferior position.


The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.