Statue of Isaías

Statue of Isaías

On the opposite side we find the image of Isaías, wearing talar clothes, holding the cloak with his right hand, and holding up with his left a red-hot tong, with which an angel, in his dreams, touched his lips. Also this important patrimonial element, the tenacious, already disappeared.

This prophet always believed that his people would be the Messianic nation for the world, upon which, one day, the prodigious blessing of God would descend upon all nations.

Underneath the entablature, we read in the stone: «TETIGIT OS MEUM», translated: «touched my mouth», that is, God touched Isaías for his prophetic work giving him the power to touch the people. The message of the book of Isaías begins with a vigorous denunciation of the sins of Judá, with the purpose of admonishing the nation of the impending judgment, and remembering the divine plan of release, of his redemptive program, because Isaías saw the glory of Christ and ‘He pronounced himself.

On the facade of the basilica we can see another statue of the prophet Isaías holding with his left hand a book on which is a skull, pointing to it with his right hand.


The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.