Sun Fountain and Moon Fountain


of the Sun and the Moon

The fountains are constant in all shrines and represent, in addiction to quenched thirst, the possibilty of retempering forces. Who symbolically drinks «living water», purifies the body and the spirit.

The numerous sources are disseminated throughout the entire resort of Bom Jesus, in the portico, in the churchyard, in the land, sometimes flanking chapels,sometimes ornamented the stairwells, sometimes alone, to meet the needs of the devotus.

Two fountains stand out in the middle of the portico’s walls. The first fountain, (north side or left side), we found a sun figure in low relief. In the second fountain, opposite side, the moon figure.

In the arch that opens under a hall with nuts stone parapets, rekilled by two pyramids, are added to the source of the sun, origin of life, center of the universe, with 12 rays that symbolizate the 12 apostles, and the moon fountain, associated with the drama of passion, because during 3 nights, in every lunar month, she disappears from the sky, in that way identifying with Christ that during 3 days was buried and to the end of which he rose from the dead.


The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.