Tact Fountain

Tact Fountain

and of Salomão

Finally, the figuration of the sense of Tato, represented by the spider, symbolic animal, the weaver of the sensible world and with a figure of long hair that holds in the arm a cylinder which water flows, placed under the left arm, the hand of justice. All framed by a frame where are engraved the heraldic castles of D. Rodrigo, the prelatícias weapons, the miter, the archiepiscopal hat, the cross and the royal crown. Four spiders wrap around the human figure and a bee at the foot of the bowl.

At the top is the image of king Salomão, with a royal robe, full hair, a crown on his head, a purple crown. On the right arm, the hand of mercy, the scepter, and on the pedestal the inscription: «VENTER MY INTREMUIT AD TACTUM EJUS», translated: «my bowels tremble at your touch. »

In order to like Bom Jesus mountain hill, we have to touch, hug, and pamper. It is necessary to stimulate this sense, providing the contact with different textures, from the softest to the hardest, from the hottest to the coldest. You have to explore the terrain. They are enriching discoveries but do not eliminate or replace the need for the main touch, the affection.

The spider symbolizes the sun, because the wires of its web are compared to rays emitted by this celestial body. The substance with which the spider weaves its own web, and which comes out of its own body, makes it the symbol of the genealogical tree of Jacob, at the same time that it symbolizes the passage of the terrestrial life to the sky. The threads of his web are identified with the threads that connect God to men.


The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.