Taste Fountain

Taste Fountain

The fountain of the sense of taste is represented by a man with long wavy hair that spills water through his mouth, holding an apple in his left hand, flanked by two monkeys. The taste sense is symbolized in the fountain through the figure of the monkey, animal respected by many people of the world. By the taste we identify and feel the flavors.

Flavor is a fusion of various sensations. To feel the taste, the brain interprets not only the gustatory stimulated but also the olfactory stimulated and the thermal and tactile sensations.

Superiorly, the statue of José of Egypt leading in his left hand a plate of fruit and on the right a chalice, allusion to the blessing of fertility prophesied to his tribe, as elucida the couplet: «DE BENEDICTIONE DOMINI IN TERRA EJUS DE POMIS COELI, ET RORE’» translated: «your land to be full of the blessings of the Lord, the fruits of the sky, and the dew», an allusion to the elixir of eternal life.

In the vertex we have the episcopal hat. Note also the presence of another monkey at the bottom of the bowl that collects the water



The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.