Vision Fountain

Vision Fountain

5 granite fountains stand on each landing, allusive to the 5 senses, each lined with sculptures depicting Old Testament characters and Latin inscriptions.

The fountains of the staircase of the senses are composed for a cup with gummy, set in corbels and flanked by pilasters, the beak is surrounded by figures, scrolls, acanthus, garlands and shells surrounding a central medallion.

They begin with the fountain allusive to the vision, with a figure of a young man who throws water through his eyes and holding in his left hand glasses.

The sense of sight is symbolized in the fountain through the representation of the eagle (the queen of the birds(, symbol of the incarnation and messenger of the divinity, placed under the sun and flanked by two peacocks. It is the vision that allows us to improve our perception of Bom Jesus mountain hill.

The seven heraldic castles of the founder are disseminated by the breasts of the figures and by the scrolls of the border.

The sun presides over the figurative set, surmounted by a figure identified by «Vir Prudens», Varão Prudente, and by the inscription below the sculpture: «QUASI IN
SOMNIS VIDE ET VIGILABIS», translated: «in your sleep see and watch» , awakening to the illusion of earthly life.


The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.