Bracara Augusta Magazine with edition dedicated to Bom Jesus

«Bracara Augusta Magazine with edition dedicated to Bom Jesus do Monte»
Today, September 24, at 6:00 p.m., presentation of volume LIX at the Exhibition Center Padre Cândido Pedrosa, next to the secretariat of Confraria do Bom Jesus, in Braga.

This publication is dedicated to the Bom Jesus do Monte, and is a further support for the UNESCO World Heritage candidature.
The magazine Bracara Augusta – Cultural Magazine of the Municipality of Braga had its origin in the Bulletin of the Municipal Archive of Braga, published in 1935, and already has 60 volumes.
The volumes published are an extraordinary repository of Bracaran society in all aspects of its historical experience, an excellence that to a great extent derives from the heuristic value of the Municipal Archive of Braga.
The continuous publication of works by different scholars and researchers, who excel in scientific and historical rigor, based essentially on Local and Regional History, has elevated the Magazine to the level of great bibliographical references.
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