Photography Contest

Photography Contest

Natural Heritage – Fauna and Flora of Bom Jesus do Monte

Photography Contest, dedicated to the Natural Heritage of Bom Jesus do Monte, runs from March 21 to June 1, and is open to the participation of all citizens who wish to join this initiative, with a minimum age requirement of 8 years old. The general theme of the contest is “Natural Heritage – Fauna and Flora of Bom Jesus do Monte.”

The objectives of the contest are to promote creativity from the perspective of visual expression; to explore the diversity of natural heritage of Bom Jesus; to encourage expression through photography; to stimulate artistic spirit; and to learn about and promote the diversity of fauna and flora present at Bom Jesus do Monte.

The richness and diversity of the Natural Heritage of Bom Jesus is the main focus of this contest, so that we can continue to promote environmental preservation, integral ecology, imbued with the spirit of Laudato Si, to contribute to a more sustainable Sanctuary of Bom Jesus.

This contest also aims to select a set of works to exhibit in a homonymous online exhibition on the Confraria do Bom Jesus do Monte website, which will be launched from the first half of June and will be available until September 31, 2024.

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Bom Jesus, an undeniable reference of Baroque art in Portugal