Conference questions romanticized society of the centurie XVI and XVII in Braga

The auditorium of the Hotel do Elevador hosted yesterday another conference at Bom Jesus do Monte, dedicated to the devotional and behavioral reality of bracarense society of the centurie XVI and XVII.

Franquelim Neiva Soares refered to the abuses that took place in heterodox manifestations, whether of a social nature or of a religious or theological nature, for which the proper response came from ecclesiastical authority.

The member of the Portuguese Academy of History named these abuses, transversal to the whole society – pedophilia, sodomy, usury, polygamy, debauchery, witchcraft, gambling, among others -, making it possible to trace to the present and interesting parallel with modern societies.

Aware of all this problem and of “A Arquidiocese de Braga no século XVII 1550-1700. Sociedade e mentalidades. As visitações pastorais“, Franquelim Neiva Soares dismantled a certain romanticization of the uses and customs of the time.

Diário do Minho