Confraria debated Bom Jesus over time

Hotel do Elevador received the last initiative of the cycle of conferences organized by Confraria do Bom Jesus.

During the conference, the speaker Eduardo Gonçalves framed Bom Jesus in the history of Tourism, highlighting the change from a religious site to a tourist and recreational destination.

“The growing influx of pilgrims, especially on holy days and on Sundays, led the Brotherhood to take care of their houses assigned to merchants to give the necessary support to visitors,” said Eduardo Gonçalves.

The speaker explained that, with growing demand, porches were also created for the pilgrims and appropriate places to welcome cars and animals.

Eduardo Gonçalves highlighted the fact that Bom Jesus has dedicated itself to the hospitality of the visitor.

In the lecture was referenced the history of the Hotel do Elevador, which has undergone various transformations and designations over the years..

Also during the conference, Varico Pereira, from Confraria do Bom Jesus, said that the application process of Bom Jesus as a World Heritage is not from now, began in 1998, “in which there is the first major plan for requalification of the entire Sanctuary ‘.

“It was from 2011 onwards that this work was reinforced. We knew it was a difficult process, slow, we were warned right away, but we will not give up at all, “he said.

The official said that it is a “very complex” process, but that they are closer to reaching the goal “If it is not this year, it will be for the next one, for sure,” says Varico Pereira.

The official clarified that Bom Jesus to be classified “will be like cultural landscape”.

“A work that combines nature and Man. It is an example of an exceptional landscape and architectural complex “, concluded Varico Pereira.