Ground Fountain of Tears

Ground Fountain of Tears

In the center of a picturesque and beautiful “plateau” stands from a porch of 4 steps, the fountain called Tears or Shower, according to Azevedo Coutinho and Forjaz de Sampaio Pimentel, in the books that they published about Bom Jesus, because they fall in shower threads of crystal clear water over a bowl and this to a circular tank.

The central fountain of the Evangelists’ ground was inspired by two others in the neighboring Monastery of Tibães.

The risk is attributed by Robert Smith to André Soares and executed by José de Sousa and his brothers between 1762 and 1765. The first indication of the ornamental fountain of the evangelists’ ground dates back to 1765, when Domingos Fernandes executed works.

The harmonious set of the central fountain, surmounted by the globe, armillary sphere and cross at the top, are references to the coat of arms of D. Rodrigo de Moura Teles, once belonged to a prominent 18th century building belonging to the confraternity, demolished to give greater visibility to the temple and neoclassical grounds.

We arrive at the summit of this ascensional journey, of the Resurrection, where the water gushes from a Cross.


The Bom Jesus do Monte, an unavoidable reference.